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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Independent Living Centres in Canada using social media!

One way the Independent Living Movement gets its strength from peer support.  Therefore to provide peer support through social media, IL Vernon has compiled this list of IL Centres using social media (Facebook & Twitter) to further IL Principles:

Independent Living Centre London

Niagara Centre for Independent Living:


Twitter: @ncil88

Ottawa Independent Living Resource Centre

Twitter:   @OILRC
Resource Centre for Independent Living (RISE):

Independent Living Vernon


Twitter: @ILVernon
Victoria Disability Resource Centre


Independent Living Sudbury Manitoulin

https://www.facebook.com/ILSudbury                                                                                                                                                        Twitter:  @ILSudbury

Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region


Independent Living Nova Scotia

Independent Living Centre Kingston 

Independent Living Resource Centre Thunder Bay

Richmond Centre for Disability

Twitter:  @RCD_Richmond
Victoria Disability Resource Centre

North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre

Vie Autonome Montérégie 


Vie Autonome Péninsule Acadienne Inc.  


Twitter:  @vapainc

Vie Autonome Abitibi-Témiscamingue 

Twitter:  @Le_Phenix_

Regroupement des personnes handicap region de Haut-Richelieu


Independent Living Resource Centre Newfoundland Labrador


Independent Living Canada/Vie autonome Canada

Twitter: @IL_Canada

By "Like"ing and following IL Centres on social media, it is one way to support the Independent Living movement in Canada.  By supporting the IL Movement you support people with a variety of disabilities to have choice and control!

If we have missed any centres with social media, please leave a comment and the list will be updated!


NCIL said...

The Niagara Centre for Independent Living has changed its facebook url to facebook.com/ncil88. We also just got twitter: @ncil88 !

IL Vernon said...

Thank you for letting us know.. I have updated the information!